Minecraft Map Installer

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This is my first windows app I've made. It allows you to quickly install Minecraft maps, without locating your Minecraft folder.
Supported Operating Systems: Windows

Resource Packs

Smooth Minecraft logo

Smooth Text And Logos

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I have made a new resource pack for Minecraft. It just adds a new, non-pixelated Minecraft & Mojang logo. It also adds a smooth font, so you can read the text more clearly.
Supported Minecraft Version(s): Vanilla 1.11.2 (Some features may not work), Optifine 1.11.2
Mods Recommended: Optifine

Minecraft Servers


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Futuristicraft Is A Very Fun Minecraft Server. It Has Survival, Creative, and Skyblock.
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
Server IP: mc.futuristicraft.com

Minecraft Maps

Burning Hotel

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A Minigame Where You Try To Survive A Burning Hotel Without Leaving
Minecraft Version: 1.8+
Mods Needed: None

Portal In Minecraft 2.0

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This Is A Remake Of A Map I Made Called Portal In Minecraft, But It Wasn't Very Good, And Was For Minecraft 1.6.4, So I Made This New Version That Includes A Resource Pack, And Less Exposed Redstone.
Minecraft Version: Forge 1.7.10
Mods Needed: (All Mods Come In Download)

Village Protection

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A Minigame Where You Defend A Village From Zombies Only Using Potions Of Healing
Minecraft Version: 1.8+
Mods Needed: None

Portal In Minecraft [OLD]

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I Made Portal In Minecraft!
Minecraft Version: 1.6.4 (Forge)
Mods Needed: Portal Gun Mod, iChunUtil, Redstone Paste
About Me

Hi, I’m tyler58546, and I make maps for Minecraft, and Portal 2. I like coding, and making websites.