Portal 2 Maps

Broken Exit Door

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For Some Reason None Of The Exit Doors Seem To Be Working, Travel Through Vents Until You Can Find A Test Chamber With A Working Exit Door
Made With: PETI Editor, Hammer Editor, BEEMOD
Mods Needed: BEEMOD (For Earlier Parts)

The A.S.C.A.E.C. 2.0

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This Is A Portal 1 Style Map. You Are In The New Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center. Made With BEE2 (Beemod 2)
Made With: BEEMOD
Mods Needed: None

Wrong Turn

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GLaDOS Has Trapped You In A Impossible Test, And You Need To Escape, But Be Careful: One Wrong Turn And You Could End Up In The Co-Op Chambers!
Made With: BEEMOD
Mods Needed: None
About Me

Hi, I’m tyler58546, and I make maps for Minecraft, and Portal 2. I like coding, and making websites.