What is unique about birds? Why do they share these traits?

There are 10,000 species of birds in the world with many unique characteristics. Some species are colorful. Some are big. Others are small. Though one thing that all species of birds have in common are feathers, wings, and a beak. They all share these traits because they all evolved from a common ancestor, the Archaeopteryx.

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What are Evolutionary Constraints, and How do They Apply to Birds?

Evolutionary constraints are important properties of a species that stop them from evolving in a particular way. For example, if ants had a genetic mutation that caused them to be bigger, their legs wouldn’t be able to support their body anymore. These ants wouldn’t be able to walk, and would likely die before they could reproduce.

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One evolutionary constraint that affects most species of birds is the fact that they need to fly. If there is an adaptation that impairs a birds ability to fly, it will probably die. Some birds, such as penguins are an exception because they evolved to be able to survive without flight.

Why are birds successful in terms of evolution?

Birds are successful because they are very unique. They have features that allow them to be one of the only animals that can fly, making them very successful.

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